• ReUsies are Eco Friendly Bags.
  • Help keep plastic baggies out of landfills.
  • No BPA or phthalates!
  • CPSIA Compliant and meet FDA standards for food safety.
  • Easy to clean by dishwasher,...
  • Laundry,...
  • Or by hand, just flip inside out to dry.
  • Velcro on the back for flexible sizing.
  • Holds snacks & sandwiches, plus iPods,...
  • Ninjas,...
  • and more!
  • ReUsies make life easy on the go.
  • And they make traveling a cinch.
  • Save $$ on plastic baggie purchases.
  • One small change for your family.
  • Dozens of bright & cheerful styles for girls,...
  • Guys,...
  • Women,...
  • And tough kids too.
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ReUsies™ are a reusable, eco-friendly, fun, economic and family friendly alternative to disposable snack bags and sandwich bags.

Eco-friendly: Each ReUsie has the potential to keep hundreds of your family's plastic bags out of our landfills. With little effort, you can do your part to help reduce the estimated 20 million single-use plastic sandwich bags that go into U.S. landfills daily.

Family friendly: ReUsies are 100% cotton, quick-drying, lined with leak-resistant nylon and are secured with hook and loop closures. ReUsies are free of BPA and phthalates. They are also CPSIA compliant and meet the FDA standards for food safety, which makes them safe for everyday food use.

Easy to care for: ReUsies can be machine washed and dried, washed in the dishwasher, or for longest life, simply wiped clean with a soapy sponge and air dried.

Economic: According to the Sierra Club, families spend roughly $85 annually on disposable plastic baggies. Not only can you keep plastic baggies from our landfills, but you can save money in the long run.

Fun: With dozens of bright colors and styles to choose from, you can find choices for anyone in the house. Your family can lunch in style with ReUsies.

Alternate uses: ReUsies are versatile and are used for more than just food and snacks. Take along treats for your favorite pet. Or use them to organize your purse, lugage or baby bag by putting wallets, keys, pacifiers, toiletries, cosmetics, crayons, legos, small electronic devices, sunglasses, or other items that get lost or damaged.


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