Reusable Sandwich Bags for Corporate Gifting


WestSide Baby


WestSide Baby, in partnership with the community, provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing, toys and equipment. ReUsies partnered with WestSide Baby for the 2013 12th Annual Fundraising Tea to create 600 custom ReUsies for Tea attendees. We’re proud to say that the Tea raised over $225,000 for children in need.

ReUsies and WestSide Baby are both doing their part for the environment. A single ReUsies bag replaces hundreds of plastic sandwich or snack bags destined to go into landfills or waterways. WestSide Baby ReRide program distributes donated car seats to families in need, and recycles over 1.6 million pounds of car seats that can’t be reused.

Pack It, Snack It, ReUse It... Thanks for doing your part!