"There are many reusable cloth bags on the market today but I discovered some great features that make Reusies a great find. . ."
" gives this product a big two thumbs up and is happy to be helping the environment when using this fantastic product."
"The concept of reusable snack bags is fantastic and will not only save money on buying baggies for lunches, it also feels great to be able to do my part to help the environment."
"If the [food] I was packing for one kid resulted in throwing away about 10-15 plastic baggies each week, what did that look like for her whole class? For her entire school? YIKES."
"The possibilities are endless when you have Re*Usies!! Foods, dog treats for the pooch . . .?"
"I think that bright colors and fun patterns have a positive impact on how a child (and some adults) feels about his or her lunch. It's so much "cooler" than a plain plastic bag."
"My husband said these are perfect and one of his new favorites. His sandwich was perfect at lunch time and not to dry or wet. His chips stayed perfect as well and had nothing but great things so say about ReUsies."
"You'll never want to go back to clear plastic after noshing out of a bright mushroom and cherry and leaf party."
"My neighbors expect grandma's chocolate chip cookies for Christmas... I will stuff a couple ReUsies full of cookies. Just add a ribbon and card. Keeping our traditions with a green twist!"
"ReUsies can be used for a variety of things, You can choose to send your kids to school with a sandwich in them or keep them for yourself. They will also be great to put in your diaper bag for those baby snacks as well!"

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