One Small Change Can Help

We are all aware of the changes in the environment around us, and would like to do something positive to improve the situation. Yet our lives are so busy that finding the time to make an impact is difficult.

By making a simple switch to ReUsies instead of plastic baggies, you can make a difference. Each ReUsie has the potential to keep hundreds of your family's plastic bags out of our landfills yearly. With little effort, you can do your part to help reduce the estimated 20 million single-use plastic sandwich bags that go into U.S. landfills daily.

ReUsies™ can be machine washed and dried, washed in the dishwasher, or for longest life simply wiped clean with a soapy sponge and air dried. If you want to keep your ReUsies looking fresh and bright hand washing is recommended.





Pack It, Snack It, ReUse It... Thanks for doing your part!